Assistant Cards

SP16 card lets using control panels such as ARCODE or ARL500 that can work with serial installment in buildings with parallel networks. With one card, totally 16 floors in one-way and totally 9 floors in two-way are supported and more floor support can be provided by building SP16 cards as cascade. They can be used in existing parallel installments with 7-segments and grey code outputs.

Input Supply Voltage
Maximum Power Consumption
1W Outputs Passive
Record Outputs
Max. 200mA 24V
7 Segment Outputs
Max. 400mA 24V
Gray Code Outputs
Max. 200mA 24V
Record Inputs
Max. 10mA 24V
Dimensions (mm)
205 x 100 x 50
  • Call button support  for Single pick-up up to 16 stops and for double pick-up tup to 9 stops
  • 7-Segment Exits (9 Exits) and 2x7-segment display
  • Gray Code Exits (5 Exits)
  • Predefined (out of service, busy, down and up direction) relay outputs (4 Pcs)
  • Work with ARL500 and ARCODE systems.
  • Easy programming with dip switch