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WWR Sponsorship

We proudly announce that, Arkel will be sponsor of Eyüboğlu  WWR Robotics team in 2017 to support developmet of  our youth in robotic field and also to contribute  Turkish teams  in international competitions.  WWR Robotics  team  has decided to attend  the competition which will be held in March  as last year  after gaining valauble expierence in FRC Turkey  with leading of Eyüboğlu High School math teacher Mr. Sinan Yatağanbaba. The team took significant steps for the future and  was chosen one of the promising ‘Rookie’ teams in 2016. 





In 2016 May/June term, the team started to have strategic planning meetings with school management and as a result, an unused lab was restored and turned in to robot workshop. Also, a new independent rookie team was created named Wonder Works Robotics and member number was raised from 5 to 18 students. After a hard and intense work, the team accomplished to finish processes of designing, programming, construction and first move of robot. The missions of team are to spread FRC culture by participating competitions and to enhance brand awareness. To achieve its missions, team members made informative presentations, workshops in the school to introduce FIRST spirit to other student and other activities which encourage students about 3D design printer and robot designing. Wonder Works Robotics team currently use 10 pcs  of 3D printers in order to produce components of the robot. The team aims being the best in the field with their enthusiasm and  strong  work force, also hopping to improve many aspects in our society. Starting with “Rock’n Roll” competition in 2016, WWR team is very  pleased to obtain a remarkable success in the local competition by recieving the title of “promising rookie team”  in USA.




FIRST® was founded by Dean Kamen, in 1989 with the assistance of Woodie Flowers.

Observing the number of kids, especially of the female gender, who plan a career in science

and technology is so low; Dean Kamen took action and saw a chance in conjoining the

enthusiasm of sports competitions and science. Kamen decided that such activity should be

nonobligatory and apart from any academic course. He aimed to create an environment free

of judgement that is based on teamwork. Dean Kamen is proud of his work of inventing such society; as a consequence, he expects to witness great technological advancements in the near future. For more information please visit